Connect with Customers. Even if you are out of pocket.

Freindly Houston receptionists are standing by to answer your calls, and dazzle your customers.  


How We Help Houston Businesses

We have a team of over 20 Receptionists, headquarted in Houston TX, waiting to answer your calls.

Customer who needs help is calling

Customer Calls Your Business

A customer calls your business. They need to speak to someone who can help answer questions, or provide a service.

Get your messages on you need them

Answered By A Receptionist

Receptionist's cheerful greet your customer, and gather the details you need to help solve their probelm. That information is then delivered to you, or your team based on your preferences. 

Relax, take it easy. Your customers are taken care of.

Relax & Grow Your Business

We make sure the call gets processed just as you need it to. So you can focus on growing your business. Better yet just relax and take a vacation. You deserve it. 

Houston Answeing Service

Let's face it, answeing all your business calls is challenging. 

Customers call all the time, day or night. Answering the phone, in the middle of happy hour, or half asleep in a whisper, isn't the way to make a good first impression.

Even worse, sending customers to voicemail because your busy on the other line, or just taking some time off doesn't leave your customers feeling important. 

Apollo's Houston Answering Services offers an attatractive alternative to doing everything, all the time. We provide real courtesous and professional receptionists ready to answer your calls, and support your customers. 

Receptions will answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Which is why we have been Houston's preferred answering service for over half a century. 

Trusted by 300+ Houston Businesses

Absolute Comfort Air - Answering Service Customer
Encore Answering Service Customer
Clean Team Answering Service Customer
Martin Midstream Answering Service Customers
Air Expert - Answering Service Customer
Accent Care Answering Service Customer
Answering Service Customer - Mr. Rooter
Promar Agency Houston Answering Service Customer

Houston Answering Service Features

Live Answer

A real professional receptionst will welcome your customers. No more missed calls, or opportunities. 

24/7 Call Answering

Closed? Never. With 24/7 coverage your business can stay running while you sleep. It doesn't cost extra either. 

Call Transfers & Patching

 Calls are transferred to the right person at the right time. We make sure you are available for the call, if not we return to your caller and take a message. 

Message Taking

We take messages for routine matters, and notify you at your preferred times, so you can focus or relax when it is not urgent. 

Eail & Text Message

We can do either one, or both. You can customize instructions, based on call type or even time of day

Si Habla Espanol

We have you covered. Spanish speaking receptionists are inlcuded at no additional cost. 

Why Choose Apollo? Ask Our Customers

My previous answering service was making too many mistakes, my messages contained numerous errors. My customer's names were misspelled and I was getting incorrect phone numbers. I was losing business, and knew I had to make a change. I researched answering services in Houston and was instantly attracted to Apollo because of all their customer reviews. After partnering Apollo I have been impressed with their performance. My messages are always clear and correct. Often my customers, don't even know their receptionists are not sitting right in my office. I would definitely recommend Apollo Answering Service. - Nicole Wilson

Meet your new team of receptionists.

Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Houston Answering Service Receptionist
Hire Receptionist Team Now

Houston Born & Bread.

Apollo mixes the power of real people with first class coaching, and cutting edge reliable technology to cultivate amazing answering services for more than 300 Houston small businesses. 

Hire Houston Answering Service Today

Apollo is Where Real People Fuel Houston Small Buiness Growth

Apollo is 100% family-owned, Houston born-and-bred company. Our mission is to help small businesses grow. We provide high quality 24/7 live answering service that turns callers into happy customers

Today, 300+ small businesses in Houston —from attorneys to HVAC to property management to medical groups and everything in between— trust Apollo to be the frontline of their business 24/7.

The Apollo Story

Bernice Contello was a Wife and Month of five, she worked as a receptionist for her husbands of Houston plumbing business. When it was time to clock out, and spend time with her family, the phone kept ringing. In fact it never stopped ringing. 

She would answer calls tireslessly through the night. She realized this 24/7 phone answering servie, was in high demand. Cusomers have problems at all hours, and they need a real person to connect with. So in July of 1966, Apollo Answering Service was born. 

Receptionist Team Working on Switchboards

Experience Apollo's Awesome Answer

1st Class Apollo Team

Every virtual receptionists on the Apollo Answering Service team is carefully selected. We hold our receptionist's to the highest standards, which is why we only hire 0.05% of people who apply. 

After Selection they go through a rigorous 3 month coaching period learning all about our clients, and how to dazzle. Plus they are continually monitored and coached, always fine tuning and identifying all the opportunities for dazzle.  

Everyone is based out of Texas, with the majority of the answering service in the Houston Area. 

We live by our values

Apollo's mission is to help Houston small businesses grow. We are able to deliver the promoise by living our values. 


We are there for you anytime 24/7. We mean it. You can count on us, just like we count on our team. 


Our team is diverse, just like our clients, and their customers. We treat everyone with respect.


We are upbeat, and always choos the positive option when possible.

Where we work

We are all based out of Texas. Most of our Answering Service team is in Houston. But we don't limit our location. We also have people in The Hill Country, Dallas-Fort Worth, down in the Valley and eveywhere inbetween. 

You and your customers won't hear other peoples conversations in the background because we don't work in cubicles. Instead we all work remoltely from home. In private specifically dedicated office space, so we can do out best work and dazzle your customers without the extra commute.  

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start dazzeling your customers. Try us now risk free for 7 days. Get a free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

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Contact your Houston answering service using the form above, and simply call us at 713-863-3333. 

 Don't hesitate to send us other inquiries! Someone will be in touch with in a few hours. If you need to hear from us sooner, please do give us a call at the number above. We have Houston receptionists standing by. 

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